How to manage the risk of renting out your boat

Resolving disputes and filing claims

For individuals

We provide protection for individuals listing their boats through an incidental coverage limit, which is detailed in our Kayakable Guarantee and our Rental Agreement. This is designed to protect your items against theft, damage or loss up to an agreed value.

Generally speaking, your boat is covered by the renter as detailed in our Rental Agreement, but if your boat is damaged, stolen or lost during a rental period and the renter does not reimburse you for your loss or damage, despite you having followed the process set out in the Rental Agreement, we’ll cover the cost up to AUD$2,500 as detailed in our Kayakable Guarantee and Rental Agreement.*

Before committing to their booking, though, the renter has to sign our Rental Agreement. This agreement clearly sets out how damage to person or property is treated. It also explains that if the boat gets stolen or is lost during the rental, it is the renter’s responsibility to pay for a replacement. If the renter doesn’t communicate, respond or honour their legal obligations, we will step in to make sure you are properly reimbursed.

Our goal is to resolve incidental coverage claims within one week.

For businesses

If you’re a business wanting to list boats, or tours or lessons on Kayakable, you will normally have insurance in place and any claims for damage, injury, theft and the like will be covered by your own policies.

In the same way, you will probably have in place your own service terms and rental agreements. It is expected that you will use these to support and manage any claims you might make.

In the event of major or catastrophic damages

If there are major or catastrophic damages, business owners should work directly with their insurance company to resolve any issues. Individual owners should file any claims by filling out our Claims form within 48 hours of the incident.

In the case of more minor damages

In the case of more minor damages, owners and renters are encouraged to first work together to try to resolve any issue. Renters are responsible for dropping the boat off in the same condition they picked it up. So a pre-rental and post-rental inspection of the boat can help minimise any potential disagreements. If an issue needs to be escalated, you should follow the steps below to file a claim.

How to file a claim

  1. Let the renter know that you are lodging a claim and discuss the amount of the claim.
  2. File your claim by filling out our Claims form.
  3. Gather together any documentation you may need to support your claim such as pictures or videos of the damages, a signed pre-rental and post-rental walkthrough, and any invoices, quotes or estimates for repairs or replacements.
  4. Once you hear back from us, email us the supporting documentation.
  5. We will weigh the evidence provided and listen to both the renter and owner’s stories about what happened and will make a determination if the claim is valid.
  6. If a claim is deemed valid, a full or partial amount of the incidental coverage will be issued to the owner. If a claim is not deemed valid, the renter will not be charged the incidental coverage.
  7. If there is any dispute regarding the claim, it must be resolved between the renter and the owner directly after we have made a decision.

* Cover is currently only for the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa.