How to make sure your listing gets noticed

Do you want to be a successful lister — to make sure people choose your boat or kayaking experience? Here are 8 sure-fire tips to help you do that.
  1. Write a great personal profile
    Trust is really important online. People need to feel they know a bit about you.  So in your personal profile, be sure to provide a good photo of yourself and some useful info about yourself and your interests.
  2. Add good photos of your boat
    Photos are the first thing people will see when they come to the site. If your photos are clear and show your boat is in good condition, people are more likely to want to rent it. And choose where you take your pictures. Maybe snap some photos of your boat on a beautiful day, with water as a backdrop, say. Either way, be sure to upload high-resolution photos to showcase your listing. We suggest landscape photos that are at least 800px wide.
  3. Set your price wisely
    When choosing how much to list your boat for, consider the retail price of your boat and the prices set by other Listers on the site. How much is a similar boat being rented for? Either way, make sure you list the boat for a competitive price.
  4. Provide sufficient details
    Don’t leave the renter guessing: give them as much information as you know about your boat. Do a little research if necessary into the boat specs, features and accessories. Manage expectations and don’t leave anything out; for example, is it a bit muddy from last weekend’s river trip?
  5. Be clear about your availability
    Do you know the exact days/times when your boat will be available? Be specific.
  6. Reply to requests quickly
    Renters are likely to be making more than one request at a time on Kayakable. To make sure your boat is the one they rent, respond to their requests as soon as possible.
  7. Say ‘yes’ to requests
    The more you say ‘yes’ to requests, the more feedback you will receive, the more trust you will build, the more renters will likely request your boat.
  8. Specify rental conditions
    The more information you provide about the boat, the less time the renter will need to spend corresponding with you about the details and the quicker they can get on to what they want to do, which is to paddle your boat. Tell them how long the boat can be rented for, where they can expect to collect and return it and how available you will be to respond to messages.

Note: Please remember that including phone numbers, email addresses, websites and other contact information in your listing is a violation of our Terms of Service.