How to win renters with great communication

Okay — so you’ve provided great info about your listing, good pictures and a helpful portrait of yourself. What else can you do to encourage people to rent from you?

If you want to be truly successful, you’ve got to provide great communication. Great communication results in great reviews. And a great reputation. And that means more business for you.

Remember, you have a chance to impress would-be renters from the get-go — namely,  as soon as you receive a booking request by email for your listing. Keep an eye on your emails so you never miss a message or a request,  and try to respond as soon as you can.  A quick response always wins people over.

The same principles apply here as in real life — be friendly, listen to what the person wants, and be willing to offer that little bit extra. That could be an offer of additional equipment, or maybe just some tips about where they could go paddling, things they should keep an eye out for. In short, be creative and put yourself in their place.


• Not available? Decline the booking request promptly

• Respond to booking inquiries within 24 hours to maintain your response rate and any good reviews you have

• Send reminders that offers are waiting

• Send reminders about upcoming bookings

• Submit renter reviews shortly after the booking has ended

• Ask renters to leave reviews

Note:  If you’re not receiving emails from Kayakable, make sure you check your spam folder and set our emails as ‘Not spam’ if you find any in there.